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BPL fulfillment
15 Nov

Your business: Fulfilled

Convenience in business is golden. When processes happen as they should, the efficiency makes returns faster, raises new orders, boosts production and generally benefits the chain of business all the way to the bank. Fulfilment is the epitome of this convenience.

What is it?

Let’s say you are a distributor. You have your inventory shipped into the country, or sourced from a factory. This inventory has to be logged, stored and distributed to various parts of the country. This is a lot of work.

What our Fulfilment service does is receive your inventory, store it securely, process your orders and handle all your distribution in a one-stop shop. This means you will have the time to pursue other prospects for your business like new orders and marketing.

We utilize the latest technology in our processes which guarantees you the result you want every time. The location of our warehouse complex in Ruiru, off Thika Road, gives us access to major highways, the airport and the Inland Container Depot which is perfect for transportation if you are importing or exporting your products.

Fulfilment lowers your operational and shipping costs, extends your distribution’s reach and improves your customers’ experience with guaranteed schedules and timely deliveries. For more information on how to embrace the future, as it is indeed here, please visit