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Butterfly Properties Ltd is a real estate developer and project manager. We bring real estate solutions that fit our customer needs spanning across various different sectors.

Our approach to business allows us to quickly identify gaps in the market and tailor our solutions around it – we don’t build for ourselves; we build for you.

Our culture revolves around happy employees and happy customers. With these ethos, we are always improving and innovating our solutions for customers.

We have always developed buildings by keeping the final user’s mindset at the forefront whilst planning. We provide an environment that is beautiful to work in.

We are committed to strong governance ( Governance Policy), care and respect for the environment and developing buildings with the highest standards.

We have been part of this community for three generations and we have worked together to build schools, roads & sanitation and feeding programs. We have also provided sanitary pads for school girls and young women empowering them to live with dignity.

We are an equal opportunity employer and have women representing over 40% of our total team. If you have an idea, talk to us and let’s build something together.


Butterfly Properties Ltd. and its Board of Directors have adopted a set of strict guidelines to assist in the exercise of strong corporate governance. The responsibility of providing effective governance to the affairs of Butterfly Properties Ltd. is taken very seriously in an effort to benefit the long-term viability of the company and its stakeholders.

Controlling rather than reacting to the environment is what we want to achieve with our governance and one that demands a formal planning procedure incorporating effective action planning and implementation.

Finally, the integrity, ethics, and values of our company are of the utmost importance, and are not just ideas but built into the DNA of our Company.