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BPL Ministore - Short Term Storage
15 Oct

How Ministore can help your business

Low expenses lead to higher profits. We understand that it’s hard to find and win new customers so while you focus on getting new clients and perfecting your products, we’ll handle the logistics and storage. Our storage units are safe, affordable and come with flexible terms which costs much less than renting additional space in a commercial office building or massive warehouse.


When you’re a small business operating from home, it’s not uncommon for work to spill into your bedroom, balcony or the living room. Your business is picking up and people love your product. There simply isn’t room enough for all the inventory. Using our storage unit is the easy and reliable answer to your problem – to store products in an organized and secure manner. It’s an affordable and professional way to manage your business that will help you maximize profits and minimize expenses.

Paper, Paper, Paper

Running a business in Kenya means large amounts of paperwork everywhere. We’ve all seen filing cabinets and shelves take up prime and valuable workspace. If you move them into our secure storage, these stacks of financial records, invoices and taxes can be safely stored keeping you and the KRA happy.

Shop Owners

If you’re a retailer operating shops you can also benefit from our storage solutions. It’ll be easier to keep your inventory under control and our storage can help you better manage your day-to-day operations in an organized manner.
Our temporary storage can also help you manage your seasonal requirements. With a quick trip to your storage unit, you can ensure your store is well stocked as items start flying off the shelves. Or, as a business, you can purchase stocks on sale which you can later sell at a regular price.


If you’re renovating or relocating, our MiniStore is a quick and easy solution. With our moving services it’s as easy as 1,2,3. You can use our facilities to store your valuable furniture and home items and keep them from being stolen or broken or use it to store expensive fittings awaiting installation for a construction project. Once you need to use them again, just come and get them anytime.

Catering/ Party Planners/ Promotional Services

Storing all your catering equipment or promotional material at home can quickly take over your space and create problems – you can never find the perfect cutlery, bouncy castle or banners when you need them. Store your items in an organized manner and have them ready when the client calls!