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BPL Housing
20 Nov

A place of your own

Everyone wants a place to live – a decent, comfortable space that they can call theirs. However, a large segment of the market remains unexploited because of the focus on high-end developments – based on the perceived high returns on the investment – and proliferation of low-class housing with more focus on value and less on quality

The key question is whether to rent or buy. Renting seems the obvious solution, with mortgage rates seemingly out of the reach of most Kenyans. However, with renting comes the question of value. Is it worth paying that amount every month with no ownership in sight?  With a rapidly growing population and an increasing middle class, the residential sector has recorded the highest demand with the nationwide housing deficit standing at 200,000 units annually and an accumulated deficit of over 2 million units.

This is the gap we are aiming to fill.

We are developing quality and affordable housing that will present more choice for the residential market. We have embraced modern construction technology whose efficiency lowers the cost of building which in turn lowers the cost of the houses. We want to present the opportunity to own homes at reasonable prices with dynamic payment schemes that will put more Kenyans within reach of their own slice of paradise. With a house comes security, peace of mind and possession of a viable financial asset – all very good things. For more information on how we can help you get these, click here